22 years old 11 years of succession lost light 4 billion 80 two rich generation how to bring down the largest private enterprises in Shanxi

from the fame to wall to push everyone,
behind this,
what is the successor prodigal too hard,
or to escape the fate of the authorization from the Chinese military strategy? (ID:hstl8888) author: Chi Yude 80 two rich generation Li Banzhao will pick up,
for a period of 11 years (2003 - 2014) his father left him in Shanxi Province,
second iron and steel enterprises,
the largest private enterprises,
Haixin iron and steel lost light.
Court in November 2014 has started the company's bankruptcy proceedings,
33 financial institutions,
more than 4000 creditors,
more than 8000 employees are seeking a statement.
From the once fame to today's wall to push everyone,
behind this,
what is the successor prodigal too hard,
or to escape the fate? Former vice chairman of the National Federation,

China under the lens of Russian photographer is amazing all over the world

the city of Siena,
hosted an international Awards International Photography (Siena).
Photographers from more than 100 countries and regions will put more than 15000 photos in the city of ancient city and horse racing civilization.
As a result,
a shot of water rafting in Lishui,
won the first prize in the competition.
Russian photographer Vladimir Proshin,
came to Lishui folk songs in 2013,
went to the river at a glance,
a dreamy and picturesque photograph.
This photography contest set off a China hot,
in addition to the above jingshizhizuo,
and the other from Chinese stunning scenery.
The Great Wall sunrise Lijiang River in Guangxi,
fishermen use trained cormorants.
This method of fishing has been in the local history of a thousand years.
Guangdong Dianbai fishing villag

True friendship is always with the wind and rain

life can miss a lot but don't miss the real worth to your friends a true friend may not give you material help but can give you spiritual encouragement is not a true friend every day but quietly concerned about you all true friends not eating or playing music but silently watching your life friend is not in fear as long as the distance in the heart met no sooner or later,
as long as love sincerely thank those who accompany with me friends real friendship,
forever together!

The team does not depend on many people, but on the mind

m will be omnipotent!! A war broke out between the 01 communication Communication lions and tigers,
in the end,
when both the lion expiring tiger said: if you do not have to grab my site,
we will not make it.
The tiger said in surprise: I never thought of robbing your turf.
I always thought you were going to invade me.
! Communicating with each other is a key element in maintaining a co-worker and boss.
What words do not hold back in the stomach,
and more exchanges with colleagues,
but also let colleagues know more about themselves,
so that many unnecessary misunderstandings and contradictions can be avoided.
02 trust Trust two birds live together,
the male collection full nest nuts let the female preserve,
due to dry weather,
nuts dehydration becomes small,
a nest look only half of th

Ke sleep basically said goodbye to the house

land ears a named Fuuta has not set up it has been very naughty is the farmer Chuai and meow star who is usually too adorable as like as two peas.
It is active a mop can play into their own style on the bed also want to dig a hole,
this is obviously a fox in the snow.
: please don't torture me to yourself it is one of the biggest drawback is love to sleep sleep and sometimes super ugly like this roll is really a wonderful variety of position,
have a Corgi: let me sleep this past! The host was so molested that he didn't respond.
If he had been asked to watch the house,
he would have been taken away

[dry] 90 most want to tell the truth of traditional entrepreneurs, give me the power to return your market

remember the explosion products 55 degrees? Recently,
Xu Wei,
vice president of Rococo design group,
opened the sharing Bureau 's creative thinking strength with the island Convention Bureau.
Rococo is the mastermind and builder of the 55 degree cup.
They have a high degree of sensitivity to young users,
and have a lot of say about product thinking and innovative thinking under the internet.
Why did the 1990s abandon Suning,
and Haier? Why did Lenovo become the brand of its fathers in the eyes of young people? How long have you been around without watching TV? What exactly is the nature of the Internet? What are the ways of thinking that traditional entrepreneurs must master? This article can give you a lot of enlightenment.
Source: the positive and the island abou

IPhone users who don't understand music can also play music to make their sisters

ere must be many students who like music,
but I'm afraid I don't have many musical instruments.
In fact,
playing musical instruments freely is a pleasant thing,
but after all,
the instrument is difficult to learn,
and still takes time,
so what should I do? Try this.
What's this? A UFO? Pie? Pan? Neither.
This is a novel electronic musical instrument called Oval.
Oval should be classified as Hand pan,
created by Ravid Goldschmidt,
a Spanish musician.
Ravid is really great.
Let's see a short video and see how he plays with the magic Oval.
The 7 grooves around a circle of Oval and the center of the circle are part of the playing hand.
These grooves are built with multiple induction trackpad that will sound based on the player's hand speed and touch position.
Of course,
since this is an elec